How People Become Professional Video Gamers

In my brief time as an amateur gamer, I played with two kinds of players who really got paid to play. Here I’ll do my best to explain both, and how you can get started towards your goal of pro gaming! Towards the end,  I’ll explain how I got started.

2016 call of duty championship paid team EnVyUs 3 million!

First, let’s making sure we’re on the same page as to what a pro gamer is, or isn’t?

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Pewdiepie is estimated to make $9 million a year since 2012 in youtube views, but isn’t your regular pro gamer.


A pro gamer is not a YouTube gamer although this can be confusing for a few reasons.  Mainly because there are quite a few pro gamers out there with a pretty big YouTube following, but that doesn’t make every YouTube gamer a pro. More on that later, but now is probably a good time to mention “pro—gamer” is a very unofficial title. YouTube gamers like Pewdiepie are at how you can get paid to play, but that’s a different article.

How to become a pro grinder

First ill be clearer as to what I mean by, “players who are paid to play for other people” because this is the lesser known and the more unscrupulous of the two.  Games like Diablo III, ARK Survival Evolved, and World of War Craft can be serious time—sinks. Pro grinders will power—level gear, characters, and loot (basically all the boring stuff) for money. The most well-known of these is probably Diablo III. Diablo’s website sells power leveling kits that sell for upward of $1000 bucks, and the coolest part is these same items can be found in game! is like eBay, so… I think you see where I’m going with this… this is were you will sell your goods!

PlayerAuctions has been around for 10 years, and is well known for the games it supports!



Pros–Grinding out items and materials for other people is sort of a guarantee. There isn’t a lot of risk of losing your investment. you’re not competing for a first-place prize, so if you own a valuable profile or item, your set!

Cons – Getting a valuable set of gear can take a crazy amount of time unless you are really good, and the faster you can grind out the gear the cheaper you can sell it. You don’t always get to play the games you like, if you’re going to be successful you’ll need to play popular games, and the work is very repetitive. For example, you might be asked to collect the same thing, and defeat the same monster for 100+ hrs.

If your serious about selling characters and items I’d start by narrowing it down to one popular game. Make sure you know all the rules (some games don’t allow you to sell items p2p). you’ll need to be an expert, like world class, because you need to be able to do in 1hr what regular players do in a day. In other words, you’ll need to be a pro! Put on the headphones and start networking. No matter which game you play. You will need the advice of other hard—core gamers, a way to market your product, and you will be able to share your knowledge. Yes, you will need to help other great players, so they will be inclined to help you. This is most important! Think of it like any other profession. If you were a doctor you would “fix” people and share what you did with other doctors. You don’t have to worry about other gamers stealing your ideas because only “doctor—level” gamers like yourself will be able to recreate the corner cutting trick you can. Lastly, know your market   shroomery form address some of the current issues pro grinders are facing now, but stay “in the know” by following the developers.

How to become a competitive gamer

OpTic Gaming or EUnited are names you might have heard of, and are groups of sponsored world class players. How do you get a job as a pro gamer? To get on a sponsored team is probably simpler than you might think, just win. Where you need to do this is a little more complicated. I know what you’re thinking, but your public match record is not going to help you. You need an MLG gamebattles record. You don’t need a team to start, but it helps. Go to majorleaguegaming, register for the game and system you’ll be competing on. It is a little weird at first because players record their own matches, but it’s free to practice. And you will meet the players you’ll start a team with there. When you are ready, you and the team you meet on gamebattles can register for tournaments.

Gamebattles ladders COD Team Ladder


The entrance fees vary greatly depending on the comp, but if you win you’ll get paid. Rinse and repeat. Big gaming sponsors like OpTic are always running try—outs, but you need a good record on gamebattles for your application to be considered. If you don’t make it on a sponsored team then you only get paid when you win, and you won’t have the support you need to call it a full—time job. Still, if you’re an FPS fan this can be a lot of fun, and will test your skills on a whole other level.

What worked for me

Let’s get this straight, I was never a world champ gamer, but I made a bit of a name for myself on gamebattles and even had a few recorded matches (wins). I never made more than a few hundred dollars selling in—game items, and that’s partly because it was never a “job” for me. I would call it a very serious hobby. If you haven’t picked up on this yet gaming just doesn’t pay that much, (unless you are a YouTube gamer) and before you say, “what about team OpTic?” the answer is no. Even the best pro gamers don’t make much compared to the time they put in. Most people do it because they love to play, and want to push those skill to the limit, or made it to a point in the game they have so much, why wouldn’t they sell the old stuff? Anu   aka “space Travellin” tells his story and take on grinding a 5K profile on WoW:

“In my hardcore raider/PvP days of WoW,  I was in a top 5 worldwide raiding guild. I had a top level character with pretty much maxed out achievements, and the best gear possible in the game (Dual Warglaives, full T6, every mount in the game, over 50,000 gold (which back then was a FUCKTON.. etc..) I sold my account for 5k.. but that was back in Vanilla-TBC, back when uber accounts could actually be worth something. Months later after an expansion that gear was obsolete, and a few years later after several expansions, the game is almost nothing like it was then. That boat has long since sailed. You can buy level 85(or 90.. whatever the level cap is now) characters for like $50, with pretty decent gear. Even decked out toons aren’t worth shit anymore after the second expansion. But also keep in mind, although I cashed out with 5k… I had hundreds of DAYS invested in that character. A min wage job would have paid better. But I had fun, and got some money out of my time invested.. so I don’t consider it a waste.”

I don’t know if the situation is as l depressing as space Travellin describes it, but it is worth noting if you play for fun don’t expect to get paid like a pro. Do your homework use your network, and good luck!

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